Brian Wojcik Exceeding Sales Goals Testimonial

Brian Wojcik, Founder and CEO, diyRealty Inc.

Exceeding Sales Goals has exceeded my expectations! I estimate my business will increase its sales effectiveness at least 30-50 percent after applying the knowledge I gained from this class. If anybody is interested in improving their sales effectiveness for themselves or their organization, this is the class to take. Instructor Frank Cook revealed the depth and breadth of his experience during class exercises when he role-played as the seller of our offering, often providing some unique gem or wisdom we can immediately apply. He demonstrated that effective selling is more about being relational than the offering itself.

This class showed me how to create an entire sales process, and a complete user’s manual with playbooks to assist our salespeople in achieving our company’s objectives. The class isn’t about cold-calling, but about how to create a meaningful dialog through a discovery with potential clients and how to effectively navigate the unconscious stages in a buyer’s decision process.


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