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In today’s digital age, making informed decisions about IT products and services is more crucial than ever. Ensuring that third-party vendors are trustworthy and won’t expose operations to undue information security risks is a top priority for businesses. Yet, the lack of standardization in vendor management programs has led to unnecessary delays, increased costs, and limited effectiveness in risk management.

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Introducing CYBER HOWARD

A groundbreaking initiative in collaboration with the HCEDA, Cyber Howard stands as a beacon of cybersecurity excellence for MIC's residents and members.

Cloud Controls Inheritance:

A Comprehensive Digital Ecosystem.

The MIC’s multi-tenant cloud environment offers members a diverse suite of Office Applications, Productivity Tools, Email, File Storage, and most importantly, an extensive set of security features directly inherited from the cloud provider.

Centralized Security Content Repository:

Assurance, Personalized.

Understanding that some security needs extend beyond the cloud, the MIC provides a repository of standard, adaptable policy and procedural resources. Organizations can select, adapt, and implement these best practices to cater to their unique requirements.

Cyber Assurance Seal:

Where Cybersecurity Meets Confidence.

A representation of an organization’s commitment to cybersecurity, the MIC’s Cyber Assurance Seal is not just a symbol. It represents stringent data protection, guarantees full compliance, and empowers stakeholders to focus on business priorities with security. The seal encapsulates trust, reliability, and a commitment to data safety in our connected world.

Support Staff:

Expertise When You Need It.

Acknowledging the challenges many startups and small businesses face, Cyber Howard provides dedicated cybersecurity personnel. The CISO in Residence ensures that member companies’ decisions are always informed and risk-optimized. In parallel, our senior security engineer maintains the cloud environment, oversees access management, and swiftly acts on emerging cyber threats.

Meet the CISO in Residence

Equipped with years of experience coaching, advising, and leading the charge against cyber crime, Jason Taule  is a force multiplier for any enterprise.

Learn More About Cyber Howard

Step into a future where cybersecurity is not just a priority but a defining feature. With Cyber Howard, you’re investing in more than IT solutions; you’re championing a cybersecurity revolution.

Jason Taule

Jason has an extraordinary talent: he can see what’s around the corner, even if we can’t. While he’s not an official Marvel superhero, our Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) in Residence and Cyber Advisory Council Chair does everything he can to shield entrepreneurs from cybercrime. This man on a (cyber) mission develops training, assessment, and enhancement programs to help entrepreneurs understand the threats to which their information is exposed and determine prudent actions to mitigate risk.

For over 35 years, Jason spearheaded information security for multinational companies in the healthcare IT arena. At the MIC, Jason makes cyber resiliency a top priority. Through workshops and coaching, he helps companies achieve regulatory compliance and satisfy the credentialing requirements of the MIC Cyber Assurance Seal.

Jason received an MSB in information technology management from Johns Hopkins University. He’s proud to live in and advance the “Silicon Valley of Cyber” right here in Howard County.

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