Four Young Howard County Activists Use Creativity to Fight Climate Change


COLUMBIA, MD (February 28, 2023) eSPSmart, a member of the Maryland Innovation Center (MIC) in Columbia, MD, has helped four students bring a creative edge to global activism and the fight against climate change.          

As interns for eSPSmart, Naomie Njetchou (Towson University), Jasmine Kwok (University of Southern California), Jessica Stuparu (Centennial High School), and Claire Wu (Centennial High School) created, a sustainable clothing line featuring fine art focused on climate change issues. Naomie and Jasmine serve as designers and narrative partners. Jessica and Claire are the marketing minds for SOSGlobal, working to spread awareness and advocacy to an ever-expanding audience of changemakers.

Fifty percent of the profits from the clothing line is given to Freetown Farm, part of the Community Ecology Institute (CEI) Climate Victory Gardens program. Nationally, nearly 15,000 Climate Victory Gardens help sequester 4,000 tons of emissions, comparable to almost 39 million miles traveled by car. The SOSGlobal team hopes to help them grow to a million gardens to reduce carbon emissions further.

To amplify efforts, Washington, D.C.-based Radio One is launching the campaign “Be the Change, Wear the Change!” in partnership with SOSGlobal. These PSAs will air on radio stations in Washington DC, Baltimore, and Philadelphia. Listeners can tune in on WKYS-FM (93.9), WMMJ-FM (102.3; 92.7), WOL-AM (1450), WPRS-FM (104.1), or WYCB-AM (1340).

Jeani Burns, the Founder and CEO of eSPSmart, says, “eSPSmart is pleased to provide the necessary resources for SOSGlobal to address the imminent threat of climate change by using artwork for awareness and action. This new campaign with Radio One will provide a much-deserved spotlight on the mission and efforts of SOSGlobal.”

“Supporting innovative solutions to global challenges aligns with the mission and values of the Maryland Innovation Center,” says Chuck Bubeck, Executive Director of the Maryland Innovation Center. “We are excited to support these creative and visionary young activists as they use their talents to build a better tomorrow.”

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About SOSGlobal: SOSGlobal is an organization focused on addressing the imminence of climate change. Every year, SOSGlobal donates half of profits to non-profit organizations combating climate change. SOSGlobal seeks to promote facts and share ways to improve the planet and hold those in power accountable. For more information on this project or information on how to get involved, visit or follow its social media accounts on TikTok, Facebook, or Instagram!

About the Maryland Innovation Center: The Maryland Innovation Center (MIC) is a subsidiary of the Howard County Economic Development Authority dedicated to developing a community of innovation in the Baltimore-Washington corridor. The MIC is an incubator and accelerator home to more than 60 resident and affiliate startups and small businesses across diverse industry sectors. The MIC provides an ecosystem of support to new and existing entrepreneurs through mentorship, partnerships, and programming. MIC resources provide support for economic growth and prosperity while powering progress for its members. Learn more at


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