Meet Camille and Mahoganey


Meet Mahoganey and Camille

At the MIC, we’re focused on helping our members prosper. Two of the MIC’s newest mentors, Mahoganey Hutt Butler and Camille Mazelev, began their roles in the fall of 2022. As Entrepreneurs In Residence, or EIRs, they bring different skill sets and expertise, but both women share a commitment to helping women who aspire to be entrepreneurs.

Mahoganey J. Hutt-Butler

As the daughter of two lawyers, Mahoganey said she came to her path somewhat reluctantly before fully embracing it. As she grew more confident in her career, she realized her passion for helping her clients develop “the strategic building blocks” for contracts, estate planning, and similar fields.

Using her expertise as an attorney, Mahoganey helps MIC members develop robust business strategies. 

She’s currently the Chief Strategy Officer of The Hutt Company, LLC, and the Senior Associate for The Hutt Law Firm. Mahoganey is a graduate of the University of Maryland School of Law.

Mahoganey says she values the chance to share a different perspective with her clients and work through challenging issues. Regarding legal concerns, she says, “most people don’t like to think or talk about it, but it must be part of the conversation.”

“I pride myself on making the law less scary,” says Mahoganey. “I enjoy making those concepts easier to digest for the layperson. We’ll lay the foundation for the legal side so that they can focus on their craft. If they have a solid legal foundation they can confidently stand on, then my work is done.”

As the founder of Maze Consulting LLC, Camille draws upon over two decades of experience, cultivating a unique blend of expertise in psychology and business. With a successful track record as an entrepreneur, having launched several ventures, Camille possesses a deep understanding of the challenges faced by business owners. Camille has an MBA from the University of Maryland.

Following a successful 20-year career in the public and private sectors, Camille realized it was time for a change.

Camille Mazelev​

She boldly embarked on an entrepreneurial path driven by her desire to help and work directly with people. Camille now dedicates herself to empowering aspiring female business owners by guiding them in creating effective strategies to achieve their goals.

Camille said she enjoys the challenge of helping other business owners get to the root of their problems to find lasting solutions. She says finding the oft-forgotten “human element” in business is essential.

“I like to try and get [MIC members] to look underneath the problem,” Camille says. “They come to me to dig deeper into how to communicate with others, understand the root of the issues, and build strategies to solve them.”

As EIRs, Camille and Mahoganey both say that they’re focused on using their professional talents to help uplift all their clients but find particular joy in helping other women. Many of the clients both have worked with thus far have been women.

Since coming on board, Mahoganey said, “I think the MIC has done a good job of showcasing what we as mentors have to offer and how we can help the residents.”

Camille said she’s enjoyed letting other women know about the MIC and how membership there can help other women thrive in business.

“I get great feedback from people about me being here, representing other women entrepreneurs, and just leaders in general,” Camille says. “It’s a great opportunity for me to just tell everyone about Mahoganey and all our other mentors and all the different types of available programs.”

“I agree with Camille that when other women see us — one, as entrepreneurs, and two, as mentors for other entrepreneurs — I think that they are encouraged to take a further step towards whatever their entrepreneurial goals are,” Mahoganey says.

The MIC has a strong roster of EIRs willing to offer their expertise as mentors. Learn more about them here, or fill out a mentorship interest form here.


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