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Meet the Entrepreneurs in Residence

Mentorship is the cornerstone of our approach because it powers your process. Believing in your potential to transform the marketplace, we ask the hard questions and equip you with the tools for achievement. On paper, we’re entrepreneurs, corporate leaders, and strategists. In practice, we’re advisors who listen with heart and lead by example. You have the passion; we have the pathway.

Our Support

  • Budget Formulation
  • Business Models
  • Customer/Third Party Assurance
  • Effective Meeting Management
  • Funding Advice
  • Ideation
  • IT Security Assessment
  • Market Analysis (TAM/SAM/SOM)
  • Market and Product Alignment Toward MVP
  • Partnerships
  • Pitch Coaching
  • Pitch Deck Development
  • Prelude Pitching
  • Public Relations Support
  • Sales
  • Strategic Planning
  • SWOT Analysis
  • Venture Mentor Services

Our Entrepreneurs in Residence (EIRs)

Frank Cook

A sales enablement expert by trade, Frank hates to see a value statement with no value. Boasting decades of experience stewarding companies from start-up through IPO, Frank delivers value propositions tailored to decision-makers. Big on warmth and authenticity, Frank helps entrepreneurs create relatable sales strategies by bringing themselves into the conversation.

Edward DeJesus

Every community has the seeds to plant a social capital network that can change people’s lives, and Ed believes that it’s our collective responsibility to harvest them. Becoming a young dad in his teens, this Bronx-raised advocate and entrepreneur faced a dilemma: go to college or take a full-time shift job. By tapping into the social capital assets available within his network, Ed managed both, attending college by day and securing an upwardly mobile job by night.

Nathan Garcia

Clarity is the secret sauce to financial success, and Nathan shares his recipe with individuals and entrepreneurs alike. This Certified Financial Planner, SEC Licensed Investment Advisor, and licensed life insurance agent has helped hundreds see the big picture, keeping it simple all the while. 

Doug Holly

A business coach, sales strategist, and eternal optimist, Doug is the Swiss Army knife of mentors. Over the past five years, Doug has mentored over 50 businesses through the MIC, Bethesda Green, and the Maryland Tech Council’s Venture Mentor Services program. During his 40+ year adventure in corporate America, Doug experienced it all (and lives to tell the tale). From sales to engineering, financial management to telecom operations, Doug immersed himself in every aspect of the enterprise to understand, shape strategy, and make an impact.

Mahoganey J. Hutt-Butler

A legal strategist who knows all the angles, Mahoganey recommends the best course of action for every enterprise. This esquire of excellence is the Chief Strategy Officer of The Hutt Company, LLC and the Senior Associate of The Hutt Law Firm.

Vance MacEwen

A design strategist extraordinaire, Vance’s character-driven approach brings ROI to the start-ups he serves. As the winner of the 2019 MICA UP/Start Venture Competition, Vance has walked the walk (and motivates you when he talks the talk). Whether he’s helping members craft the perfect pitch or tackling problems from a new perspective, Vance teaches entrepreneurs to lead with empathy, making decisions that align with their social visions.

Camille Mazelev

Working collaboratively with heart-centered entrepreneurs, Camille leads with a community-first mantra. As the founder of Maze Consulting LLC, Camille is a management consultant maven and a small business growth advisor with impact. After 20 years stewarding multimillion-dollar programs, Camille is shifting gears, putting the needs of local entrepreneurs in focus. By applying wit and wisdom in business, finance, and psychology, Camille meets entrepreneurs where they are, equipping them with the right resources to cultivate lasting legacies. From strategic planning to experience management design, Camille alleviates the overwhelm, bringing clarity and confidence to the path ahead.

William “Billy” Rovito

A CEO and CFO who’s seen it all, Billy helps entrepreneurs break down their goals into small, actionable steps. By taking the intimidation out of financial planning, budgeting, cost engineering, and analysis, he prepares small and medium-sized companies for long-range success. A veteran of the small business scene, Billy has built companies from the ground up. His people skills and his knack for numbers served him well in manufacturing and service operations.

Jason Taule

Jason has an extraordinary talent: he can see what’s around the corner, even if we can’t. While he’s not an official Marvel superhero, our Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) in Residence and Cyber Advisory Council Chair does everything he can to shield entrepreneurs from cybercrime. This man on a (cyber) mission develops training, assessment, and enhancement programs to help entrepreneurs understand the threats to which their information is exposed and determine prudent actions to mitigate risk.

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