MIC Cyber Assurance Seal

Data breaches can cripple your organization–and your reputation–if you’re not proactive about information protection and risk management. In a business landscape where cybersecurity threats are imminent, anticipation is the best preparation.

The MIC Cyber Assurance Seal is an exclusive, no cost offering for MIC Resident and Affiliate Members. Certified by the Maryland Cyber Advisory Council, a world-class advisory body of chief information security officers (CISOs) from leading companies across the Mid-Atlantic, our cyber mitigation program helps your company protect its information security assets. Eliminating the need for entrepreneurs to deploy security and risk management programs individually, this program provides the cybersecurity protection and compliance assurances that your company needs.

The Issue

The Cyber Assurance Seal is critical for your business. Here’s why:

  • Your customers, partners, investors, underwriters, regulators, and third parties require a minimum of protection to transact business.
  • The decisions that your customers, trading partners, and suppliers make carry risk and impact others.
  • Seal completion helps you answer core IT operational and governance questions.
  • Seal completion fulfills requirements for cyber liability insurance coverage.

The Solution

Designed to demonstrate to third-parties that your cyber assets are fortified and risk has been managed, the Cyber Assurance Seal offers three tiers of certification.

Explore the Three Tiers

Cyber Assured Bronze

Bronze Seal

The Bronze seal provides a baseline of cyber assurance and demonstrates your company’s commitment to cybersecurity safety. From asset management to incident response, vulnerability management to multi-factor authentication, this seal provides a foundation for protection.

Cyber Assured Silver

Silver Seal

The Silver seal offers an elevated level of assurance for your company, customers, and investors. The curriculum takes a deeper dive into topics such background screening, server/storage encryption, threat intelligence, and more.

Cyber Assured Gold

Gold Seal

This premier seal equips participants with a comprehensive body of knowledge for long-term defense, protection, and assurance. Topics include: digital forensics, cyber liability insurance, data sharing, network segmentation, among others.

The Expertise

Jason Taule is the MIC’s Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) in Residence. Equipped with years of experience coaching, advising, and leading the charge against cyber crime, Jason is a force multiplier for any enterprise.

Get Started

Start your security awareness journey. Click below to schedule a meeting with Jason Taule.

Jason Taule

Jason has an extraordinary talent: he can see what’s around the corner, even if we can’t. While he’s not an official Marvel superhero, our Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) in Residence and Cyber Advisory Council Chair does everything he can to shield entrepreneurs from cybercrime. This man on a (cyber) mission develops training, assessment, and enhancement programs to help entrepreneurs understand the threats to which their information is exposed and determine prudent actions to mitigate risk.

For over 35 years, Jason spearheaded information security for multinational companies in the healthcare IT arena. At the MIC, Jason makes cyber resiliency a top priority. Through workshops and coaching, he helps companies achieve regulatory compliance and satisfy the credentialing requirements of the MIC Cyber Assurance Seal.

Jason received an MSB in information technology management from Johns Hopkins University. He’s proud to live in and advance the “Silicon Valley of Cyber” right here in Howard County.

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