Tips for Effective Networking at Startup Events

Networking for Startups in Maryland

Maryland startup founders need to know how to network well so they can make long-lasting ties that will help their businesses grow and thrive. Networking is so important because it can be used in many situations. You can use your networking skills to find new sources of capital, hire talented people, get possible early adopters interested in your brand, and do a lot more. You can get helpful information from anyone you meet, like an interested investor, another startup founder, a possible customer, a business partner, or just about anyone else. Every new person you meet can help your business grow.

How Do You Facilitate Networking at an Event?

Everyone has a different way of networking, and that’s fine. It is, however, a very useful skill to learn. As the founder of a new business, you’ll probably have to do many different things in the beginning. This means you’ll probably have to network at some point, even if it’s not something you usually do.

You might feel awkward at your first few networking events and make mistakes or feel like you didn’t get much done at some workshops. You will get better at it, though, just like with any other skill. Here are seven tips that will help you get over feeling like a fake in no time and become a networking pro.

Attend the Right Networking Event

Knowing which Columbia networking events to attend is the first thing you must do to feel comfortable networking. Most likely, there are too many networking events in your field for you to go to all of them. From those, you’ll need to pick the ones that are most important to your current startup goals.

You likely already have a few acquaintances or coworkers who share your values. Any of these individuals may be able to suggest a forthcoming event that they have heard about. Social media can assist you in maintaining relationships with industry resources. For instance, you can make sure you don’t miss the notification whenever they host or promote an event by following well-known individuals or groups in your industry.

Do Your Research

Meeting new people at networking events is fun, but it’s also helpful to know a few important people ahead of time. You can come to the conference ready to make a good impression and possibly build a relationship that lasts by learning about these important people ahead of time. Even better, get in touch with them not long before the event and set a time to meet with them during or after the event.

3 professional women at a Maryland Innovation Center Networking event

Dress Appropriately

This one is simple, but it’s also easy to miss! It’s imperative to find out what to wear to each meeting ahead of time because the rules are different. Getting dressed and groomed for the conference is an easy way to boost your confidence and make yourself seem more friendly.

Refine Your Conversation Skills

Do not hang out near people or groups you want to talk to; walk up to them confidently and start chatting. Don’t be shy—that’s the whole point of networking events. There’s no shame in not being good at starting conversations with people you don’t know yet. It can be scary to go to networking events, but there are things you can do to get better.

Pay Attention to Who You Focus On

Talk to as many people as you can, to begin with. This is especially important if you’re the founder of a new business and don’t have many contacts yet. You never know where a good company will join forces with you. Join as many talks as possible and see many different people and groups.

Getting as much attention as possible is good, but it shouldn’t get in the way of getting things done. Don’t try to meet so many people that you don’t have time to get to know anyone. After meeting a few different people at the conference, you’ll probably understand which partnerships would be best for your business. You can then focus on building stronger ties with those people. You may have also thought ahead and picked a few important people to focus on.

Think Ahead

Having practical talks at the event is one thing, but there should always be follow-up. Get business cards from everyone you talk to, and have some on hand to give out. Also, you might want to bring a phone or a notebook with you so you can write down any other important things you want to remember from the events. You should also add people you meet at the meeting to your social networks so that you can stay in touch.

Also, don’t just introduce yourself; take their business card and leave it at that. For those who meet someone who could help your business, schedule a call or meeting soon. Even better, ask them what they have planned later and see if they can join you for a drink or a meal to further the talk. At networking events, some of the most valuable conversations happen outside of the actual conference site.

One of the most important parts of building a connection is keeping the conversation going after the first meeting.

Know What Your Startup Has to Offer

Remember that everyone else at the conference is there for the same reason: to meet other business leaders and make links that will help them. So, this is how networking is a lot like business. It’s not enough to meet with people who can benefit your business; you need to find good relationships for both sides.

You need to bring something to the table when you talk to a possible investor, customer, or business partner. You should be ready to “sell” your Maryland startup to others at the event to show them why you’re a good investment or business partner.

Final Thoughts

Networking isn’t the easiest thing to master. Sometimes, you might need one-on-one help from a mentor at the Maryland Innovation Center, as they have been to company events and networked themselves. Most of the time, professional conferences and networking events in your industry are the best places to find networking opportunities. Networking events come in all shapes and sizes; they typically include speakers who provide expertise and lead discussions on relevant industry topics and activities designed to allow attendees to meet and collaborate. Many of these events are created specifically for startups.

Networking event at the Maryland Innovation Center in Howard County, Maryland

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