Building Connections: Startup Networking Events You Can’t Miss

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What do aspiring entrepreneurs, venture capitalists, and angel investors love more than a worldwide tech startup conference? Probably nothing. Entrepreneurial people should start looking into Maryland entrepreneur conferences and other networking events for the upcoming year.

Going to Howard County networking events is the best way to get to know new people and build your network. Networking events help you meet other professionals and keep you up to date on the newest business trends and ideas. You might not know what kind of networking event you should attend, though, since there are so many to pick from.

Here are the kinds of startup networking events you don’t want to miss.

Industry Specific Events

Networking events specific to your business are great for making valuable connections and learning more about your field. Usually, networking events for people in the same industry include workshops where experts share their knowledge and news about the industry. In addition to keeping you up to date on everything in your field, these events are great for meeting other people in the same field and finding new job prospects.

Roundtable Discussions

Roundtable talks might be just what you’re looking for if you like to argue and share your thoughts. Most of the time, roundtable talks happen in smaller groups so everyone can participate. Roundtable discussions are about things that are important to a certain business. So, they’re great if you want to share your thoughts, learn more about the subject, hear different points of view, and get feedback and suggestions.

Professional Conferences

Professional conferences offered at places like the Maryland Innovation Center are usually multi-day events where thousands of people in the same field can meet and network. You can take part in many events and activities at conferences, such as seminars, expo halls, keynote talks, and more. This gives you a chance to learn about the newest trends in your field and make new business connections at the same time. It’s important to remember that gatherings are usually the most expensive way to meet new people. Based on your situation, you can do several things to cut down on your spending.

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Speed Networking Events

Would you like to connect with a lot of people quickly? You could try speed networking. You have a set amount of time to talk to other workers at speed networking events, like 10 minutes. During this time, you should say hello, ask questions, and give your contact information to anyone you deem helpful. You’ll talk to someone else when the time is up.

It’s crucial to prepare for speed networking events because you only have a short time to make a good impact. If possible, you should work on your 30-second pitch and bring business cards with you so you can quickly share contact information with other professionals.

Chamber of Commerce Events

If you want to build strong relationships with other workers in your area, try going to chamber of commerce events. Chamber events can take many forms, from workshops to fund-raising events. No matter what kind of event it is, chamber events can help you find a lot of business and job possibilities by putting you in touch with potential employers, clients, business partners, and more.

Most of the time, you’ll see the same people at most of the events put on by your local chamber. This is why going to these kinds of events regularly can help you make business ties that last. On top of that, chamber of commerce meetings let you talk about your business. If you want that, you might want to hold a workshop or give a talk. Engaging with a larger group at once instead of having several one-on-one conversations will save you time and help you meet more people.

Alumni Events

If the thought of going to a Columbia networking event with strangers makes you feel awkward, past networking events might be a better choice for you. Alumni networking events are casual, usually not career-related, get-togethers where you can reconnect with college friends and make new ones through activities you enjoy, like attending art shows and sports games.

Even though networking parties for alumni aren’t very formal, you’ll probably be asked to talk about your job. As a result, this can lead to new job possibilities, business partnerships, referrals, and the sharing of professional advice.


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Webinars are live online meetings you can attend on your phone, laptop, or computer. As long as you have a stable Internet link, you can join a webinar from anywhere in the world, not just in person. This makes these networking events perfect for people who want to save money on tickets to national or foreign events.

Aside from the chance to ask questions and participate in talks, webinars also provide many networking opportunities. Depending on the site used to host the event, webinars may include speed networking events, virtual business card exchanges, private chat options, virtual expositions, and small group discussions in a virtual setting.

Happy Hour Networking

Most of the time, happy hour networking events are better planned and cost less than other types of networking events. Simply put, you are free to meet other workers whenever you want and leave whenever you want. In addition, it may be easier to talk to new people at happy hour networking events because everyone is more laid-back.

For this reason, happy hour networking events are a great way to meet other business people in your area. Additionally, they are very helpful if you want to change careers and find out more about a certain field without any obligations.

Final Thoughts

All Howard County networking events are get-togethers with others who help you make business contacts. When choosing a networking event, it’s important to think about your personality, the people you want to meet, and your job goals. Workshops, roundtable talks, professional conferences, and webinars are all types of events that people can use to network.

Some of the best ways to find networking events in your area are to look through networking websites and look at the event schedule in your area. Bring business cards and a quick pitch to a networking event to get the most out of it. These events are great for workers who want to meet new people, improve their skills, and learn about new trends in their field.

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